Hello students, I have prepared for you two articles and two past year SPM questions for you to work your comprehension magic on. For the past year SPM questions, you can go to these websites:

1. SPM Paper 2006

2. SPM Paper 2011

Presented below are two links to two articles and attached to each links are questions relating to the articles:

1. Pitch Perfect


I. According to paragraph 1, is Pitch Perfect a good movie? And if it is, state the reasons given by the author.

II. In paragraph 2, it is mentioned the two a capella groups of Barden University. What are the groups called?

III. According to paragrah 3,
a. Why is Beca in college though she aspires to be a music producer?
b. List at least 3 members of the all girl a capella group.

IV. According to paragraph 4,
a. Who courted Beca?
b. According to the person who is courting Beca, which movie has the best ending?

V. In your own words, why is the movie a good movie to watch? State two reasons.

2. Perks of Being A Wallflower


I. According to paragaph 1, when did the author decide to read the book?

II. According to paragraph 2,
a. According to the article writer, how were the characters being described as?
b. Name two characters available in the novel

III. How did the article writer find out about the way the main character of the book thinks?

IV. List down two complaints made by the article writer on the book.

V. In your own words, recommend the book to your friend. Give two recommendations.

For answers, click on this link: 


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