Notes To Ponder:

Dear students,

The comprehension part in your Paper Two of the English SPM subject could be a daunting task for some. It requires you to read through quite a lengthy text before answering the questions given. Now for some students, comprehension maybe a tricky task for it requires them to read through the text but for some students it is breeze. Now, here are some tips for everyone:


1. Make sure you read through the article, just go through it once first, even if you do not get what the article is about. Just make sure that you have a general idea what the comprehension is talking about.

2. Read the questions carefully. Usually the questions would be taken from each paragraph.

3. If you are looking for the answers to the questions, look for them at the indicated paragraph stated in the question.

4. Highlight relevant points that could help you to answer the questions given. 

5. Check your answers. You do not want to lose your marks due to careless now, don't you?

6. Write your answers in full sentences.

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